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TIFF Image Printer 9.0 creates high quality TIFFs from any program
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8 November 2011

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Won’t you like to have an image printer that would support image conversion like converting your different files into TIFF format files? If that is the case then you surely need to check out the TIFF Image Printer 7.0.021 that creates excellent quality tiff images. It supports various documents and files like pdf, doc, excel, autocad, web, jpeg and so many more to be converted to the TIFF images easily. It also has the features to set the properties for having the TIFF images according to your preferences. The software would prove to be a perfect solution for the developers who need to have the automated process for converting the documents to the TIFF image files.

TIFF Image Printer 7.0.021 allows you to create images well suited for the archival purposes and also these can be opened by most of the image viewers. The application is easy to use with the 1-2-3 process. You just need to start it and open the document that you want to be converted. Select the TIFF Image Printer and print your document easily. You also need to make the selection for the destination where you want to save the file. You can also customize the properties and it also supports. You can set the file size, quality, set the colors for true color, monochrome or grayscale images. You can also control the number of jobs that are running. Even you can easily cancel the jobs if required and also select the number of prints that you require. The converted tiff image files can be shared, archived, and also can be attached as emails. The software is good enough for converting the documents you the tiff format images.

TIFF Image Printer 7.0.021 accomplishes the conversion process smoothly and conveniently and gives the excellent output results and thus deservingly receives a score of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

TIFF Image Printer 9.0 creates high quality TIFF images from any Windows program on 32 bit and 64 bit editions of Microsoft(r) Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000. Features: Control file size and image quality: Use the resolutions to control the size and the quality of your TIFF image. A higher resolution (up to a maximum of 1200 DPI) will increase the image quality and size, while a lower resolution (to a minimum of 50 DPI) will decrease the image quality and size. Create FAX ready TIFF: Profile S, Profile F and Profile C fax formats, use any fax resolution combined with the page scaling and alignment options and you have all the options you need to meet the requirements of your fax provider or to create your own fax service. Wide range of TIFF format and compression options: Use the format and compression options to create the exact format of TIFF image you need. With support for legacy TIFF formats, and a wide range of compression options, you can create virtually any TIFF image required by your archival, fax or proprietary system. Automatic Color Options: Automatically reduce your document image to the fewest number of colors possible without affecting image quality. Easily change this option if you need true color, grayscale or monochrome images. Image processing: rotate, crop, trim margins, and copy your images all in a single step. Resample the image to a particular resolution, pixel size or scale it to a percentage of the original size. Workflow Integration and Automation: TIFF printer offers both the traditional programming options of prior releases but now offers a COM interface to make integration a breeze. The COM interface does all the hard work for you.
TIFF Image Printer
TIFF Image Printer
Version 9.0
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